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shoutout to all the other ex-gifted & talented/honor student/straight a/senior editor/star student/99th percentile/once-creative burn-outs who have, since high school, realized they are truly miniscule fish in a giant, endless ocean, criticized themselves to the point of creative paralysis, and participated in so much self-sabotage they no longer see the point of doing anything at all because they’re just going to ruin it for themselves anyway


this one’s for you


This has never been a good day for me. Year after year it sucks.

finally did my taxes

feeling so adult

An Open Letter to King County Metro


To Whom it may concern,

I have sent many emails to Metro and been met with the thanks for your input canned responses.

So publicly.

If Metro makes their proposed changes, I (and a lot of people I ride the bus with regularly) will have no ability to get home after 10 PM when leaving downtown…

Amy Poehler: Mean Girls - Mrs. George (2004) vs. Parks & Recreation - Leslie Knope (2014)

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I’m sorry but I just don’t understand people who are excited about wedding planning.

If I had to name something I’d like to do the least over a span of several months it would be planning a major event in which I make a super personal commitment in front of a bunch of ppl.


what a time to be alive

oh my fucking god



"Little Church, Unknown", Daniel Baker


"Little Church, Unknown", Daniel Baker